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Women tell all – Flair – Jamaica Gleaner – Monday

Nashauna Drummond, Lifestyle CoordinatorThe Bachelorwhen it’s 23 against one, it may not seem fair, but Courtney deserved it. On last week’s The Bachelor – The Women Tell All, the eliminated women came back to have a sit-down with host Chris Harris. And, of course, Courtney dominated the conversation during the two-hour special.In an unusual twist, the show’s producers brought her out to answer to the women. Usually, we don’t get to see either of the two women who are in the finals. My guess is that he didn’t choose her. As the women attacked (and attack they did), she had no defence. Those tears that welled up in her eyes deserved to be there, not just because she was mean to the other girls, but because she needed to be taught a lesson. She kept saying how stressful the situation was. She needs to learn that no matter how stressful a situation is, you don’t get through it by being mean and nasty to people. Normal human beings just don’t do that, Courtney, so I hope you have learnt your lesson. Some of us just have to learn the hard way. I don’t accept her apology (as if she did anything to me besides entertain me every Monday night!).I think she is genuinely hurting and sorry for what she did, not because she hurt the other women, but because of the backlash her friends and family are getting from the media (and no I’m not among those doing the bashing).Doomsday PreppersNow and then I tune in to Dicovery’s new programme, Doomsday Preppers. In this week’s episode, Kevin takes the cake when it comes to prepping. He thinks the world will come to an end by a polar shift, so he is moving his family from Florida where it is only 28 feet above sea level (it will be under the sea in a polar shift) to the hills of Tennessee, which is 1,800 feet above sea level. He has bought a very large property on which he plans to build their new home out of reinforced concrete. So far, he has amassed enough food for a year’s supply. Good luck, Kevin!My Strange AddictionDespite my previous comments, TLC is still the learning channel. I am learning that there are some very unbalanced people in this world. In last Sunday’s episode of My Strange Addiction, we met 54-year-old Ayanna who has been growing her nails for over five years. Her big toe nail is over four inches long. She walks around with her godson as her bodyguard to open doors and help ‘protect’ her nails. She even walks on the heels of her feet to protect her toes. She says without them she doesn’t feel sexy. My question is how can you with them? They are such a handicap. She can’t open a door and has to cut the front out of her tennis shoes to accommodate her toes. She gets a pedicure twice a week at about US$100 each time, and only one girl can do her nails. Obviously, she doesn’t realise she is not really living. Even dressing herself is difficult, so why bother? We need some more psychologists in this world because there is a lot of work to be done. Let us know what reality show you are addicted to at .

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