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Weekend Rumor Mill: Jennifer Aniston's Desperate Proposal, Oprah vs. Barbara Walters & Amber Rose Tattoos Her Face

Posted on January 30, 2012 – 2:27pm by loretta Wow, what a weekend!! The stars were out in full force last weekend and when Hollywood’s buzzing so is the rumor mill. In this week’s edition of the Weekend Rumor Mill we have a tabloid tales of Justin Theroux desperately trying to save his relationship with Jennifer Aniston, Oprah and Barbara Walters in a bidding war over a Pippa Middleton interview and Amber Rose messing up her beautiful face with a tattoo. Face tattoo!? Say it ain’t so, Amber!! Some of this seems pretty bogus, but take a look and decide for yourself!Related article: Rumor Mill: Tracy Morgan Collapses at SundanceWe kick off this week with none other than the ever-so-gossiped-about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. According to the gossip-mongering tabloids, if these two aren’t having a baby, then they’re breaking up or getting married. And this weekend, the rumor is a two-for-one special: a break up AND a marriage proposal. Reportedly Justin is ready to propose so that the couple doesn’t break up. [insert eyeroll here] OK! magazine is reporting that Jason is “desperate to win back Jennifer Aniston” after the relationship went sour over the holidays. The gossip mag claims “tensions bubbled over and nearly tore the couple apart.” The insider source at OK! said, “It’s been a nightmare few weeks for Jen and Justin” and Justin is now “begging for a reprieve.” “He’s freaked out, terrified that he’s going to lose her.” The source added that Justin is now “frantically” looking for an engagement ring and planning an “epic” proposal to save the relationship. If the gossip rag doesn’t have credible reporters, then they certainly have an impressive creative fiction writing program!Related article: Rumor Mill: Emma Roberts Flirts with Jared LetoMoving on to a more reliable piece of gossip, Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters are supposedly in a bidding war for a Pippa Middleton interview. News of a feud between the talk show heavyweights was first reported by the Mirror, but was later picked up by the New York Post and The Daily Beast, all of whom were reporting that the “rival chat show heavyweights” are “pulling out all the stops to secure her as a guest for an hour-long special.” The Mirror claimed that Walters “is pushing bosses to offer a six-figure deal for the chat,” but the talk show host shot down these feuding rumors on The View this morning saying they are completely fabricated. Adding, “ABC News does not pay for interviews.” However, she did say she would like to do the interview, calling Pippa a “charming beautiful girl.”Speaking of beautiful girls, model/actress/artist/socialite Amber Rose has reportedly inked up her beautiful face with a HUGE tattoo. Media Take Out was first to display a photograph of Amber sporting a Mike Tyson inspired piece of art work on her face, but since then several other photographs have surfaced. Amber debuted her new ink, along with a freshly shaven head, at the party she hosted in Miami, Florida over the weekend with BF Wiz Khalifa. The tribal design tattoo is definitely interesting and possibly fake. There is no word on whether or not the tat is permanent. Fingers crossed it’s just an old-school Henna tattoo, eh?That’s it for this week’s edition of the Weekend Rumor Mill. Hope you enjoyed all the salacious gossip!What rumors do you think are real??Photos courtesy of PCN

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