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Watch This: "2pac, Biggie, and Big Pun Are Back" by Big Lou

Hip-hop’s been running around with the instrumentals from Meek Mill’s “Tupac Back” record since it dropped, Joell Ortiz throwing out his “Big Pun is Back” rendition along with others, and with all of the revival joints rearing up, Jersey emcee Big Lou decided it was best just to blend it all together in one single.

Rather than soloing anyone, Lou puts some street grit to bars with Tupac, Biggie, and Big Pun on theme, going raw, maybe not the best, but giving us something that’s worth listening to. I think just about anyone could sound solid on this beat, especially if they run at it raw as Lou and others have done, so we’re sure to see more emcees following the trend.

Lou put together some visuals for his tribute to the big three, and though they aren’t much at all to look at, I suppose it’s the time and effort that count. Probably doesn’t matter.

Anyway, here’s the video. I’ve got some links set up here for the Joel and Meek versions as well for the sake of comparison, so give it a check, throw up your thougts, and figure who’s put out the best so far (my vote goes to Joey). From what I understand, this one’s coming off of Lou’s upcoming Pray 4 Me mixtape.

Big Lou – “2pac, Biggie, and Big Pun are Back”

Joell Ortiz – “Big Pun Is Back”

Meek Mill – “Tupac  Back”

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