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Walton Foundation putting more money in KIPP schools

Easy generalization: “The fact will remain that the schools are failing the students, . . . .”If a student goes to school–or refuses to go to school–determined not to do the work assigned or participate in the program, I’d say the student is failing the school.I went to school seventy years ago with students who resented having to go to school, who avoided completing assignments if possible, and didn’t give a particular !$%^ what grade they got on any assignment or test. But “the school failed the student.”How come it isn’t evident that “the parents are failing the students”?Survey after survey shows that where parents actively participate in the educational process, achievement goes up!You can’t teach a student anything s/he doesn’t want to learn any more than you can force a horse to drink just because you lead it to water.I spent a great deal of my adult life in education–fortunately for me, in higher education; but even there, I was never able to teach a student anything s/he didn’t want to learn.Blanket accusations don’t produce solutions.Easy enough to sit out there and pontificate that our schools are failing the students when you don’t asume any responsibility for doing anything about it. It’s always easy to sit on the sidelines and criticize!IMHO

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