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Video of Weston Cage Getting Taken Down

The short version for individuals who skipped it. Nic Cage&#8217s boy, Weston Cage, got angry after his fitness expert told him he couldn&#8217t order a product from the menu in the Player&#8217s Kitchen. Weston retaliated by attempting to high kick his trainer who required him lower and subdued him just like a body fat kid at camp. He then smacked him hard 13 occasions in the center of a Hollywood street permanently measure.

The trainer stored Weston pinned until cops turned up. Cage ended up being handcuffed and delivered to a healthcare facility for any mental evaluation.

And today there&#8217s video from it. I’ve found this really is pretty normal for LA. Should you don&#8217t visit a huge goth kid getting pummelled in the center of the road by his fitness expert in broad daylight, you’ll want walked from the city limits.

In related news, Christina Fulton, Weston&#8217s mother, left the LA hospital where he&#8217s receiving treatment, went up to and including camera and blamed everything on Nic Cage calling him a toxic influence.

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