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Trending Now: her new marketing, consulting service

By LINDSEY PAPP Staff Reporter Robyn Gonsalves Robyn Gonsalves, soon to be former marketing guru at Orangeville Boston Pizza, is launching her own marketing and consulting services company, called Trending Now.“Basically, what the focus is, is to help new or existing businesses with brand building, market relevance, social media, marketing strategies, business management, things of that nature,” said Ms. Gonsalves.Networking, public relations, staying relevant in your market and cost control systems are also things she will be able to offer to her customers. She says she has been thinking about starting her own marketing business for about a year now. After sitting down an developing a business plan for her own business the next step was to move of from Boston Pizza and go it alone.“I think I’ve built this business to a point of success and I feel like it was a good time for me to leave and start my own venture,” she said.The new business will be staffed by herself as well as a technical collaboration that she has developed with Sean Rowe from myVibe, an IT Web design company.She says myVibe “do the latest in Web design, they also know search engine optimization for companies, anything online to optimize what they’re doing marketing wise is sort of what we collaborate on.“Then he has clients that sort of need my services with social media, brand building, PR things like that, then he’ll kind of bring me in of the project as well, so it’s kind of a nice little partnership in that sense.”For the past five years Ms. Gonsalves has been working on building and developing innovative marketing initiatives at Boston Pizza as well as increasing sales, managing social media and building relationships and developing brand awareness.She is in the process of training her replacement with Boston Pizza and is confident that Trending Now will be in full swing later this month.“I’ve never been a sole proprietor before, so this is a first for me,” she said. “I’m really excited about it and I think I’ve done so much networking in this community and I think that that’s really kind of opened my eyes to a lot of opportunity with some existing businesses for marketing strategies.”She says the partnerships and relationships she has built in the community have really encouraged her to take the steps towards working on her own.“Also, working with different brands is exciting for me rather than working with the same brand all the time and helping businesses grow is just so rewarding,” she said.She says implementing these kinds of marketing strategies in new or existing businesses can seem daunting for owners, and her company will be there to make those implementations as stressfree as possible.“I just think there’s so many opportunities for (social media) right now and I don’t think that people are utilizing those skills to their fullest potential to grow their business,” she said. “I think that its because either they don’t have the time or they don’t have the resources and that’s why I’m here, because I can provide that service for them and they don’t have to worry about it. I can manage the entire system that I am suggesting and proposing for them and it just makes their life easier, but it also optimizes their business potential at the same time.”Ms. Gonsalves says she has always had an interest in marketing. Growing up, she would help out in small ways with her father, who was an entrepreneur. She says that seeing him launch different businesses really taught her a lot and combined with the experience she has gotten with Boston Pizza in the past six years business is her focus now, and she wants to see where it an take her.“To me (social media) is essential, it’s so viral and your messaging gets out so much faster than some other marketing strategies,” she said. “A lot of people look at social media like it’s a dictation and they just send messaging out all the time but really it needs to more of a conversation and I think that’s how you develop potential clients or potential customers for your business.”Ms. Gonsalves says her business focus is small to medium sized business.“I think sometimes when people think about public relations or marketing strategies or hiring someone like me they think they have to be a bigger business, and that’s not really the case,” she commented. “There’s a budget for it in everyone’s account and it’s something that doesn’t have to be expensive, and its something that my whole purpose is to get people to utilize and get the most exposure for the least amount of money and it can be done like that.”

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