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Travel to Hawaii

For the best possible deals on travel to Hawaii, you need to check out the prices on Hawaii travel on this great website called (  Pandaonline is a website that is owned and operated by Panda Travel, which is Hawaii largest travel agency, in addition to also being Hawaii’s largest travel wholesaler.  And because it is Hawaii’s largest travel wholesaler, it is able to pass on the discounts it has negotiated with airlines, hoteliers and car rental companies in the form of fantastic savings to you, the travelling public.  In addition to great Hawaii travel packages, Pandaonline also has the widest selection of activities, events and tours that you can conveniently purchase online. 

The website offers detailed descriptions of hotel properties, including options on room types, amenities and overall features of hotels being sold on the site.  Additionally, Pandaonline features customer feedback from Trip Advisor, which is the industry standard for hotel ratings.  As a result, people who want to travel to Hawaii via Pandaonline have a wealth of information to make the best informed selection on  their hotel  choices. 

Last but not least, when you use Panda Travel for your Hawaii travel packages, you are assured of dealing with a rock solid and reputable company.  Besides being the largest travel wholesaler and travel agency in Hawaii, Panda Travel has been rated by  the Better Business Bureau as an A+ company.  Furthermore, Panda Travel has been consistently been recognized by the Honolulu Star Advertiser daily newspaper as “Hawaii’s Best Travel Agency” for a number of years, including during 2011. 

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