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Too Short is not dead – don’t believe the rumor

If you heard there was a rumor Too Short is dead – don’t worry, he’s not. The 45-year-old California rapper and hip hop producer, who was born Todd Anthony Shaw and who also goes by “Too $hort,” confirmed he was alive in a message on his Twitter page shortly after a death hoax about him started on Tuesday, November 22. “Stop calling my phone,” he Tweeted. “I’m not dead. Been in the lab working on my 19th album #NoTrespassing in stores Feb 2012. ” He also referenced an actual lyric from his song “Dead or Alive,” which is included on his 1990 album “Short Dog’s In The House.” The track begins with the words “I heard there was a rumor Too $hort was dead” and contains the line the rapper used in a Tweet – “I’m not dead, I’m just mackin.’” The song also contains the lyrics: “I’m still living, so let’s do it again / I keep rapping, hard as hell / Cause your rumors make my records sell / If you continue, I’ll soon be rich.” Too Short is known for hits such as the 1990 single “The Ghetto” and “Blow The Whistle,” released in 2006. He has worked with fellow hip hop artists such Li’l Jon, Snoop Dog, and Li’l Kim. Too Short’s last major solo record, the EP “Respect the Pimpin’,” was released in December 2010.

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