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Tiger Woods Girlfriend

(HMG Celebrity News) – While newly divorced Tiger Woods may have possibly and possibly not moved into a new apartment in downtown Manhattan over the weekend, the numero uno Tiger Woods girlfriend Rachel Uchitel has scored her own place in NY, presumably with the hush money she got out of the affair.The 35-year-old Uchitel, who reportedly received more than $10 million to keep her role in the Tiger Woods scandal quiet, was allegedly rebuffed when trying to purchase the $2 Million condominium located at New York City’s ritzy Park Avenue.The condo board reportedly didn’t allow the Tiger Woods girlfriend to enter the building last month, to buy the apartment complete with three-bedrooms and three-baths. But money eventually prevailed and Uchitel has just purchased the swanky condo, which also includes a fireplace and “white-glove service” that comes with a doorman, and security.TMZ reports that the asking price on the condo was $2 million, but the New York socialite managed to purchase it in a “pretty sweet deal.”In 2001, the Tiger Woods girlfriend, Uchitel was engaged to banker James O’Grady, who was killed in the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. A famous photo of Uchitel shows her holding a flyer, in tears, trying to find him in the aftermath of the tragedy. She had a breakdown two years later.She told the NY Times, “I felt like everyone else had forgotten about it. I was resentful.” Last week, Uchitel made the trek to Ground Zero, as the emotional pilgrimage was filmed as part of her stint on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s “Celebrity Rehab.”

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