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Hey folks – JC here, letting you know that neither Xmas nor Hannukah nor Festivus nor your seasonal fetish of choice stops the mighty Trash Palace from continuing one of Toronto’s most cherished cinematic traditions THIS FRIDAY, back and better then ever! Yes folks it’s time for another…TRASH PALACE CLASSROOM FILM NIGHT!Our usual bounty of all-original 16mm educationals, instructionals, corporate and propaganda films just got a huge boost thanks to a big film score from Montreal. You know that Classroom night always delivers the yucks, the head-shakes, the joyous debunking of expired ‘experts’, and the crazed excitement of undiscovered cinema. Those come with the territory. But what will you do when Trash Palace brings THESE reels down on you??- our first ever NUCLEAR SCARE FILM!- an anti-smoking dragon!- "CONDOM SENSE," a glorious piece of 80s safe-sex cheese!- a reading comprehension flick where YOU fill in the blanks, hosted by a spider!- a lost Christer epic from the early 50s featuring the pious ministrations of none other than Reverend DEFOREST KELLY!- and if THAT weren’t seasonal enough, how about HOWDY DOODY’S CHRISTMAS? (Not too educational but we can’t resist.)Escape from the family or bring ‘em along – this is the perfect way to round off your holiday weekend!Doors at 8:30, films at 9:30. Tickets are $5 at the door, 89B Niagara Street. Cold drinks, popped corn, door prizes galore, EXTREMELY last-minute gift ideas at the merch table, and a workshop full of scruffy celluloid elves.Edumacate!!JCRed Nosed Trashdeer

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