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Ted Cruz forces U.S. Senate Republican primary runoff with Lt. Gov. Dewhurst – Your Houston News: News:

HOUSTON — Former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz forced a runoff election in the U.S. Senate Republican Primary with Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst on Tuesday night. The candidates will face each other in the runoff on July 31. “This has been from day one a grass roots campaign, and the difference is a runoff is a grass roots battle,” said Cruz, who spoke to his supporters at the J.W. Marriott on Tuesday night. With 86 percent of precincts reporting, Dewhurst received 45 percent of the vote, about five percentage points below what he needed to prevent a runoff election. Cruz came in second with about 34 percent of the vote. Former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppart came in third with about 13 percent of the vote and conceded his defeat on Tuesday night. Dewhurst now faces Cruz in the runoff election scheduled for July 31. The latest Public Policy Polling poll showed Dewhurst leading Cruz 59-34 in a head to head race. This is because the poll found that Leppart supporters favor Dewhurst over Cruz by a 77-13 margin.  There is one thing working in Cruz’s favor for the runoff: voter motivation. The same poll found that 49 percent of Cruz supporters are “very excited,” while only 27 percent of Dewhurst’s are. Cruz said that voter motivation is important to him winning the runoff. Runoff elections, historically, have lower voter turnout. Cruz is hoping that his edge in voter motivation will manifest itself in an edge in voter turnout. To read more about the U.S. Senate Republican Primary, log on to 

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