Will the Vince Lombardi trophy be renamed the "Matt Moore" trophy after 7,8 years of dominating SB wins?

Remember 7,8 years from now that I came up with this idea.

No, Carolina will be lucky to go .500 in a division with the superbowl champs and a much improved(and healthy) Atlanta team.

No. It will be renamed the Matt Stafford trophy after he leads the Lions to 15 straight 19-0 seasons. =)

No,I mean the "Moore Trophy" not very catchy…we'll have to think of something else after about the 7th SB victory they should change it.

I really missed you Matt Moore jokes because they all made me laugh so hard. good job man.

Lookie here, we got ourselves another Delusional Fan.

Yes and the Chargers will not choke under Norv Choker and AJ Smith.

nah, theyll just call it the panther's claw.

besides, i thought the lions were gonna win it for the next 15 years? someone told me that

Bite your tongue

Man faces 20 years for sex offense at Henrico karate studio

An Ashland man faces up to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty in Henrico Circuit Court today to aggravated sexual battery.

Trevor Campbell, 20, a worker at a West End karate school, followed his 6-year-old victim into the bathroom and forced her to touch his exposed penis, according to evidence in the case. Campbell will be sentenced Oct. 4 and will be required to register as a sex offender.

The victim told her family about the incident, leading to Campbell’s arrest in February. Campbell, who was fired from his job at the American College of Karate in the 11200 block of Patterson Ave., remains free on bond.

Fox Teases Family Guy Online

Category: Gaming Posted: June 18, 2011 11:47AM Author: edwardquilo

Apparently Fox thinks that the Family Guy universe is ripe for an MMO treatment. The long-running animated series, best known for its irreverent parodies is indeed being overseen by Fox into an online game. What exactly can we expect from the Family Guy Online? From what we can gather, the game will be browser-based, running on the Unity engine, and will be using clams for transactions. Except for Fox quietly announcing on the game's website that it is accepting registrations for its closed beta, nothing is known about the game. You may remember Fox previously releasing a console game based on the hit show, although a few quick scans of its reviews were decidedly lukewarm, at best.

I signed up to see if I could amass a bit more information on the game. Registration was pretty straightforward. I put in my credentials, received 50 clams which is the game's currency, then I got dinged for not having the Unity Web Player installed on my browser. Installing it gave me 10 more clams. Plus, I received an email from the game admonishing me for not reading the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, which was worth a tiny chuckle. The registration ended with Mayor Adam West suddenly waking up from his power nap, then he congratulated me for being a worthy opponent, and hired me on the spot. For which job, I can only guess, but at least this gives us an idea of the game making an attempt to capture the show's brand of humor.

WKRN, Nashville, Tennessee News, Weather and Sports

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Former Tennessee Titans' head coach Jeff Fisher spoke with Nashville's News 2 Tuesday about his time spent with the organization and said he has no regrets.

The team announced in late January they would be parting ways with Fisher.

At the time he was NFL's longest-tenured head coach, having led the Titans for 16 years.

Tuesday, Fisher said he is at peace with the decision.

“[I] made a commitment to myself that if there was every a morning I didn't look forward to going to work and coaching I'd get out, and I had a morning like that and that was enough,” Fisher said, adding, “The hardest part right now is you start to miss the players and the relationships.”

Fisher, who continues to call Nashville home, said he is in great standing with the organization and has no regrets regarding choices that were made over the years.

“You move on, I have no regrets,” he said.  “I had a great sense of peace when I made the decision. The hardest part was reminiscing as I was clearing out my office and then that last drive out of the facility was obviously an emotional one for me, but I had peace with everything.”

As for the team's new coach, Mike Munchak, Fisher said it was an obvious choice.

“I knew Mike was qualified.  I felt like he was the best candidate for the job and I'm very, very glad they went that direction,” he said.

“[Munchak] gets the up most respect from any player he has ever coached,” Fisher continued.  “I think he's going to do a great job.”

As for his future plans, Fisher said he has no plans of coaching at any level next year, but would eventually like to get back on the field. 

“I think the situation has to be right.  I was fortunate over the years to be in the position to be surrounded by good people,” he said, adding, “I have one thing left to accomplish as head coach, but again it has to be the right place the timing has to be right.”

On Saturday, Fisher will host his annual celebrity softball tournament at Greer Stadium.Click here for complete game details.

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Coping Skills For Aspergers Teens

Teens with Aspergers have a nucleus of neurologic function deficits in the social, emotional, and communication. without the support with the following features to create end even the most brilliant school not in the position and Dungeon, friends or employment. I have used many Aspergers puberty, which is really good grades at school, but simply a good job as work in a fast-food, groceries, etc.“Aspergers” one of the main reasons for this dilemma is that young has problems with other people on the labour market. it may say or do things on antisocial about as ignoring employees say hello, talk about its own activities without obvious interest than, say, the negative comments on other habits of work/presentation/individuals have to the other person etc. Worse still, once he was fired, Aspergers often never staff that understands why real reasons that he lost his job.

WAVE 3 News – Louisville, KentuckyPet therapy helps children with autism develop social skills

By Lori Lyle - bio | emailPosted by Amy Kelch – email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – there is a unique employee named Petunia at the University of Louisville's new Autism Center at Kosair Charities.  she reportedly spends a lot of time sleeping on the job. but when she is hard at work, the impact is quite amazing.

10-year-old Logan, both blind and autistic, is one of 15 children trying a new type of therapy at the center.

“He had a rigid routine,” said Tara Armstrong, Logan's mom, about his social interaction. ”If something was off at all, he has to know exactly what happens from time he gets up to time he goes to bed.”

Speech language pathologist Kelly Langan says “autism is really a social interaction disorder. “  It was Kelly who decided to add an assistant to her therapy sessions with the kids.

It took three levels of obedience training, but once Petunia passed the test, she was officially hired to go to work, helping to develop language and social skills for any child interested in what Petunia had to offer.

Kelly admits Petunia naps frequently at work, but doesn't deny Petunia's effectiveness.

“There's been a lot of research,” said Langan, ”about how children with Autism around very calm, well-trained animals often tend to open up and are more focused and more attentive.”

Logan was grinning and laughing as soon as he met Petunia and Logan's mom was crying.

“Of course,” said Armstrong, ”his dimples just running from ear to ear.”

Beyond facial expressions, Langan said Logan is making more socially appropriate comments.

“He was saying things about Petunia,” said Langan. ”Saying, 'she's soft,' or 'where's Petunia?' or 'I like to pet her.'”

Logan is also developing conversation skills, using verbs, prepositions and back and forth interaction.

“I think I've always thought that animals have a healing power,” said Langan.

And Petunia is proving the research is right on!  She's earning her pay of lots of pets, hugs and treats.

And Logan's mom says the difference in Logan is huge, “Logan is calmer now and that he's wanting to become more independent.”

In addition to mastering  three levels of obedience training, Petunia also went to class for animal assisted therapy training. 

Petunia's work is possible thanks to community generosity, Feeders Supply and the Nel S. Morrison Charitable Trust No. 1 in Louisville have provided philanthropic support for Petunia and the animal therapy program at the U of L Autism Center.

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