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Street Fighter X Tekken Roster Finalized – GotGame

Street Fighter X Tekken has finally confirmed its character roster! And it looks like both Anna and Dan will be out of the race for ultimate ass kicker. Sorry, fans. Why? Well, Yoshinori Ono, series producer, had this to say:

“[Dan] won’t be in Street Fighter X Tekken [because] he was killed by a Tekken character at Comic-Con last year.”

That makes sense. Since no character in a fighter has ever been resurrected, historically speaking.

As for Tekken stalwart, Anna, she has been cast off in favor of Nina to prevent a probably estrogen overload. Not really. As for the final death of Dan, that has yet to be completely confirmed, as Ono was content to merely leave him as “killed” and not truly gone. Mayhap a DLC pack in the future?

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