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Strasburg will need, and get, help

AROUND THE SWEETSPOT NETWORK Baseball Time in Arlington So, if I’m reading this correctly, Ian Kinsler’s deal is either five years and $75 millon, or six years and $80 million. If true, the sixth year is a veritable no-brainer. The odd thing here, though, is the front-loading of the deal, which is relatively unusual if you rifle through many of the guaranteed deals — high-value or otherwise — in baseball right now. For the rest of this blog post, click here. Walkoff Woodward For the second straight game on Justin Verlander Day, the Tigers took a 2-0 lead into the ninth inning behind eight strong from their ace. This time, instead of Jose Valverde, it was Verlander who would attempt to close it out, because he needed just 81 pitches to get there. Unfortunately, Verlander wasn’t himself in the ninth. For the rest of this blog post, click here. Nationals Baseball Sorry if you’re looking for strong opinions from me just yet. It’s still too early to make any real judgements on how people are performing. The batters are working on 20 ABs, the starters on one start, and the relief pitchers on 3 appearences. That’s just too little data to say anything for sure. For the rest of this blog post, click here.

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