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Stark attorney witnesses turmoil in Greece

Greece’s present turmoil swept past ancient history in Athens on Wednesday. Stark County attorney Rick Pitinii was there to see it. Pitinii and his family were visiting the Parthenon — the city’s iconic temple to Athena — when they encountered hundreds of Greek protesters wearing gas masks. Pitinii said they had gone to the ancient historic site, rather than the Greek Parliament building, in hopes of avoiding the unrest. “When we were coming out of the museum you could hear all this chanting, yelling and screaming,” he said. Guards locked the doors of the museum’s glass wall. The protesters came within about 15 feet but kept going. “It was a little crazy because after they were done you got a little shook up, ‘Wow it was right there,’ ” Pitinii said. “And they’re yelling and screaming and flipping off.” Later, Pitinii said he saw people running. Some had tear gas repellent on their faces. Others were bloodied. After leaving the museum, Pitinii said, he and his family convinced a taxi to take them back to their downtown hotel before the Parliament voted on controversial austerity measures. “I’m going to say we’re within two miles of where the tear gas is and where the police are fighting back and we’re just not going back out tonight,” Pitinii said from Athens, where it was 7 p.m. “We’re going to hole up in the hotel and that’s it.” “I don’t know how bad it is out there,” he added. “I’m not going back out.”

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