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Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

Review written for by LindaI always thought cyberpunk would be hard to read, and tedious. But this book was recommended, and I needed some new reading, so I picked it up. I cannot remember the last time a book sucked me in as quickly as this one did. By the time I was on page 30, I had lost track of where I was and what I was doing (lucky for me, my laundromat is a fairly safe one!).The story revolves around viruses. Computer viruses, and human viruses. And language and the deep rooted structures of the brain. And religion, or what passes for religion sometimes. And societal disfunctions and structures. The discussions of viruses and the possible origins, not only of viruses but some of the myths of mankind, are fascinating. The acknowledgments note that most of that research was footnoted by a character, indicating who actually did the research on it.The hero is Hiro Protaginist, and he is a wonderful hero. The female hero is Y.T., a fifteen-year-old, wise-cracking, bright woman/child. They do not have a romantic relationship, in fact they are partners. The setting was probably about now (the book was copyrighted 1992), and the future looks pretty grim. But you need to read about the Metaverse if you care at all about the Internet. And the Kouriers are pretty cool. And the book opens with pizza delivery, but I won?t ruin that for you…I don’t know that describing this book is possible. If you like science fiction, at all, and if you enjoy a good story, you should enjoy this book. Fabulous!

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