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SHOWBIZ: Gina Carano’s take

I liked the stunts — that was easy — and then I had a lot of Hollywood 101 to learn with the acting and everything else and that was incredible and amazing and I had the time of my life. On the prep-work. I did about two months with a man named Aaron Cohen. He’s a Secret Service guy. We spent much time in a warehouse just learning about miniature uzis and M-4s and glocks. I got really a lot more comfortable with guns, which is a lot of fun. Also his mentality — what he’s been through in his war-type situations was pretty interesting too. On the intense fight scene with Michael Fassbender. The fight scene they showed was between me and Michael: I’m learning that I was betrayed and he attacks me and then we go pretty much throughout the whole hotel just wrecking shop. Couches are getting flipped over, vases are getting into people… He slammed me so hard against this flat screen that I think we moved the wall. So it was a really incredible fight scene. That one was really special. On shooting around the globe. That was surreal. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. Running across the rooftops of Dublin and running through the streets of Barcelona… I mean, New Mexico was beautiful and it was just incredible. I can’t believe I got this experience.   On getting the call from Soderbergh just days after losing her first MMA bout to Cyborg. I was in the dumps a little bit because I just lost my fight. I still had a black eye. My agent called and said “You really need to meet this man. He’s a director.” I didn’t really know who he was and then I met with him and we had a really great four-hour conversation. He was like, “either this is going to happen really quick or it isn’t going to happen at all.” And then a couple of days later it was happening. I don’t think it still has hit me. I’m still in awe.

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