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Shark Sightings On Cape Bring In Tourists

BOSTON — Sightings of three great white sharks off Cape Cod recently have fishermen and swimmers keeping a closer eye on the water.The sharks were spotted off the eastern side of Cape Cod within the past week, according to Greg Skomal of the Division of Marine Fisheries.Shark expert Greg Skokal told News Center 5 that photos taken by fisherman Paul Funk off Monomoy Island on July 1, are indeed of a great white.Another fisherman spotted a great white about three-quarters of a mile off Truro the next day. On July 5, a spotter pilot saw a great white north of Chatham.Images: Great Whites Return To CapeWith the Chatham beaches full of seals, town officials were warning swimmers to steer clear of the animals for fear that the sharks would not be far away.Although no beaches have been closed yet, the waters were being patrolled just to make sure swimmers didn’t venture too far out. Some beachgoers preferred to not even get their toes wet.Images: Great Whites Return To Cape”I’m not going to go in the water,” said Kermit Acosta of Middletown.Wildlife officials said beside seals, great white sharks are predators that feed on fish, other sharks, sea lions, dolphins, porpoises and blubber scavenged from whale carcasses.The sightings were bringing more tourists to the area, in hopes of spotting a shark.Stores were also cashing in on the hype with shark themed products, many of them educational”We like it,” said John Miller of South Yarmouth. “It keeps the taxes down.”

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