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Roy Williams’ Decision to Sign with Chicago Bears Makes Him Public Enemy No. 1

The Detroit Lions made the former Texas University standout Roy Williams the seventh-overall selection in the 2004 NFL draft.

An extremely audacious selection considering that the team drafted wide receiver Charles Rogers second overall a year prior.

Williams was projected to be the league’s next great wide receiver and was flaunted as the crown jewel of the Millen administration.

But aside from a typical WR1 2006 season in which he was selected to his first and only Pro Bowl of his career, Williams failed to realize the potential impact expected of a top 10 overall offensive selection.

In 2008, after a five-game span in which he only recorded 17 receptions and a touchdown for the Lions, Williams was traded to the Dallas Cowboys.

Though Detroit’s investment in Williams ultimately ended up being nothing but another failed venture for Matt Millen, the team did recoup some of what they had invested in the first-round bust.

With Roy Williams went Detroit’s 2010 seventh-round selection, and in return the Lions received the Cowboys’ first, third and sixth-round selections of the 2009 NFL draft.

Roy would go on to enjoy two-and-a-half statistically horrific seasons for America’s team, which would ultimately result in the Cowboys deciding to release Williams on July 28, 2011.  

Williams’ trade to Dallas was supposed to signify Detroit washing their hands with the Odessa, Texas legend.

His release from the Cowboys was supposed to signify the end.

Then he signed with the NFC North rival Chicago Bears, a move that in my mind makes him public enemy No. 1.

Williams inked a one-year deal in what is most likely his last opportunity to compete for a No. 1 or No. 2 receiver position in the NFL.

The move reunites Roy Williams with former Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Mike Martz. Williams’ career best numbers in 2006 were due in large part to the pass-heavy play-calling system of Martz.

And with Jay Cutler under center, you can be sure that the 2011 Chicago Bears will do much of the same.

The Williams to Chicago signing seems like a slap in the face to the Detroit Lions organization.

But Williams beware, the Lions of 2008 and the Lions of 2011 are in no way similar. If he thinks his opportunity to revive his career lies in playing Detroit twice yearly, he’s got another thing coming.

His first opportunity will come Monday, October 10, 2011 on the regular season’s biggest stage, Monday Night Football.

Though few players remain from that dreadful 2008 Detroit Lions team, you can be sure that the defense will be aware of where Williams lines up on the field. He’s a marked man.

The game between the Lions and Bears on Monday Night Football just got that much more personal.


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