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Rachel Uchitel registers for pricey baby gifts

Deborah Kim Rachel Uchitel no longer has a relationship with Tiger Woods, but that doesn’t mean she can’t pretend like she’s an A-lister.The New York Daily News reported one of the pro-golfer’s several mistresses is expecting her first child with husband Matt Hahn.In her 50-item baby register, she revealed she is expecting to give birth on May 12, 2012, but does not reveal the gender of her future child.And according to the UK’s Daily Mail, that registry is filled with some pretty expensive gift requests.Uchitel is asking friends to buy her things like a $1,029.99 Bugaboo stroller and $300 nipple pumps.She also has asked for two sets of pacifiers that cost $4.99 each. But if you’re one of her friends and don’t have much money to spend you better check the list because someone’s already snatched one of the sets up.However, Uchitel clearly has some affluent friends. A $429.99 jogger stroller and $299.99 car seat have already been bought for her.Other items include clothes, nappies, night lights, breast pumps and humidifiers.Uchitel recently tweeted a photo of herself showing off her baby bump with Hahn, 26, and she’s also wrote several excited tweets about her pregnancy, including “Expecting big things for 2012… Five down, Four months to go…” and “checking out my baby bump at 5 months…”The couple found out they were pregnant while auditioning for CBS’ The Amazing Race, when a drug test Uchitel took came out positive.

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