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Promise of full media play at Tamar offices – The Standard

Promise of full media play at Tamar offices Thursday, January 12, 2012 Chief Secretary Stephen Lam Sui- lung has vowed to help journalists at the new Central Government Complex in Tamar after reporters were held off by security guards and claims of manhandling. “The government is totally committed to safeguarding press freedom under the Basic Law as it is one of the core values that contribute to Hong Kong’s success as an international city,” Lam said. He put the earlier incidents down to miscommunication between the Administration Wing and security staff. “The Administration Wing has already expressed its apologies in this regard. We guarantee these standing arrangements will continue,” said Lam, adding that security staff have been briefed on how to accommodate the media. ADVERTISEMENT On Monday, a photographer was reportedly pushed out of the way by a security guard when he wanted to snap education chief Michael Suen Ming-yeung as he returned to work after a bout of Legionnaires’ disease. Though the bacteria involved was found in the washrooms of several officials, the government says the complex is now safe. DIANA LEE

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