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Philip Rivers Has a Noodle Arm and Norv Turner Needs a Shrink

Wow, I can’t believe Philip Rivers is this bad. It is baffling. Plus, I think Norv Turner has lost his mind. The guy needs a shrink.Before anyone gets on my case about Rivers, I know how atrocious the San Diego Chargers offensive line is. Any child watching the game could see the swiss cheese.But there is more going on here than simply an off kilter quarterback. Philip Rivers is having foundational issues with throwing the ball. Countless times against the Raiders, Rivers under threw and threw behind his receivers. The 4th quarter throw to Jackson in the endzone, which ended up an interception, stunk so bad I think Oscar the grouch came up out of his can to inquire the source of the fragrance. Vincent Jackson’s body language as he saw the horrid throw was telling.Either his knees are bad or there is something wrong with his shoulder, because Philip Rivers cannot get enough on his throws to lead his receivers. He looks like he has a noodle arm out there.Now to Norv. Norv, what goes on in that head of yours when your team is down and the game gets tight? He has in his arsenal two running backs who are adept at ripping off chunks of yards. Tonight, Tolbert and Matthews ran only 13 times for 70 yards. That is an average of 5.3 yards per attempt. When there was still over seven minutes left in the fourth quarter, Turner allowed the offense to be run almost completely through the arm of Rivers. Stephen Dunn/Getty Images  Keep in mind, Rivers had been getting just hammered all game long in this AFC West divisional game. He sometimes was running for his life a half second after he got the ball. He had just no support from the line tonight.After McNeil went down, The Raiders just dominated the line of scrimmage and used their speed on the outside to overwhelm Rivers. Kamerion Wimbley had a career night, posting four sacks.So, knowing that his line was getting owned and knowing that Rivers couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, Turner decides that the best course of action is to throw the ball some more.Seriously, it defies all logic. This is the same Norv Turner that orchestrated the dynastic 90′s Dallas team, using Emmitt Smith as the center piece. I’m not comparing Matthews to Smith, but I’m saying that Norv used to have a sane football mind. What is going on these days that compels him to abandon his bread and butter.Antonio Gates is, unfortunately, a shadow of his former self. The passing game is hard to watch. Run, Norv, run.

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