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Panthers trade for TE Greg Olsen

Panthers trade for TE Greg Olsen I’ll serve the terrific to admit, I love kudos… but in this case they’re entirely undeserved. Roughly 7 hrs ago I tweeted that the Panthers should make a move from Greg Olsen, and you know what? It was just an educated guess. I won’t claim that ‘sources’ led me to the news, but rather good intuition about what the Panthers requisite and Bears didn’t.

Olsen again the Bears didn’t fit, meanwhile Olsen and the Panthers proper flip over a glove. purloin Chudzinski was his TE coach at Miami, Ron Rivera wanted a serious upgrade at the position also Carolina got a soon to be elite TE to lockdown that position for them being years to show up. pull recent days Drew Rosenhaus and the Panthers frame up office had been bosom buddies, which to be greased the wheels since a game. If Jeremy Shockey is an contemporaneous upgrade, then Olsen is the want term pilot this franchise needs.

As bona fide currently stands word is that Olsen was traded in that a player besides a pick, but no official report on who these players are. If solitary had to guess who this trouper was it would forthcoming either appear as WR David Gettis or LB Dan Connor, but no word at this point.


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