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Notebook: Wife’s ire keeps Greinke from adding to the fire

Zack Greinke apparently is done providing bulletin-boardmaterial. Greinke rekindled some animosity between Milwaukee and St. Louisbefore the NL Championship Series with comments about Cards aceChris Carpenter, saying his Brewers teammates don’t much like the2005 NL Cy Young Award winner. “They think his presence, his attitude out there sometimes islike a phony attitude,” Greinke said Saturday. “And then he yellsat people. He just stares people down and stuff. And most pitchersjust don’t do that.” Greinke, set to start Game 5 for Milwaukee today, said Thursdaythat he caught flak from his own wife about those comments.Otherwise, he was in no mood to revisit them. “My wife likes to read stuff and then she gets mad, and she’smad that I said it,” Greinke said. “But it just happened and don’tneed to talk about it anymore.” Berkman, Ellsbury win comeback awards ST. LOUIS – Lance Berkman didn’t set out to prove the skepticswrong. He just figured that, even after struggling through aninjury-riddled 2010, he still had good years ahead of him. The Cardinals outfielder made that clear in 2011, hitting .301with 31 home runs and 94 RBIs to win the National League comebackplayer award. Boston outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury won the American League award.The honors were announced Thursday, and were picked by the 30 teambeat reporters from Ortiz says he’d think about joining Yankees David Ortiz said, given the disarray in Boston, he’d have to atleast think about jumping to the Yankees. Ortiz was asked about the Red Sox’s recent turmoil in aninterview Wednesday with ESPN. “There’s too much drama, man,” Ortiz said. “There’s too muchdrama. I have been thinking about a lot of things. I don’t know ifI want to be part of this drama for next year.” Would he consider going to the Yankees? “That’s something I gotta think about,” Ortiz said. “I’ve beenhere on the Red Sox a long time, and I’ve seen how everything goesdown between these two ballclubs.”

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