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NFL Scores Week 1: Live Score Update Texans’ Route Against Colts

Things aren’t looking too good for the Peyton Manning-less Indianapolis Colts so far. The Houston Texans can smell blood in the water, and after years of playing second-fiddle to the Colts and not being able to beat them, it looks like they are out for revenge. The second half has just started, and the Texans are leading big 34-0. While most of us expected Houston to come out and kick the Colts while they were down, I’m not sure anybody expected a smack-down like this. There’s still time for the Colts to at least make a respectable game out of it obviously, but it looks like the Texans only have one thing on their minds, and that’s destroying the Colts. Storylines: Obviously the Colts are suffering without their long-time star quarterback Peyton Manning. Kerry Collins got the starting nod and he hasn’t played horrible, but he’s no Manning. Right now Collins is 6/11 for 47 yards and no touchdowns. On the other side of the ball the Texans are dealing with their own injured star player. Running back Arian foster is out with a hamstring injury, but Ben Tate has filled in admirably. He already has one touchdown and looks like he can eclipse 100 yards. Texans Jacoby Jones made the electric play of the game returning a punt to the house 79 yards just before the half. Simply put, the Colts offense is not functioning anywhere near what we are used to seeing, and the Texans obviously know that. They are putting a ton of pressure on Kerry Collins and the offense, and obviously it has paid off so far. I think that trend will continue. Injury News: Obviously the two big injuries coming into the game were Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and Texans running back Arian Foster. Aside from fantasy football implications, this isn’t hurting the Texans. On the other-hand, the Colts can’t survive without Manning.

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