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Remember when Colts QB Peyton Manning called teammate Mike Vanderjagt an “idiot kicker” at the 2003 Pro Bowl for running his mouth? Tony Romo might be saying the same about David Buehler if 49ers return man Ted Ginn Jr. slices through the Cowboys’ kickoff coverage. That’s because Dallas’ third-year kicker said something about Ginn on Saturday — one day before the Cowboys-49ers clash in San Francisco — that just might wake up a sleeping giant who showed last week that he is now wide awake.“If the wind is at my back,” Buehler told the Dallas Morning News, “hopefully I’ll get the green light and be able to kick a touchback and keep it out of Ted Ginn’s hands because he is a dangerous returner.” Buehler was fine with those comments until he added this: “As long as you hit him in the mouth earlier, I think he might give up.”That’s probably not the sort of indirect challenge you want to pose to a guy coming off a game with a kickoff and punt return for touchdowns. Then again, maybe Buehler is referring to himself when he talks about hitting Ginn in the mouth, considering Buehler shocked everyone with 25 reps on the bench press at the 2009 NFL Scouting Combine.Ginn has mostly been labeled a first-round bust since being drafted by the Dolphins in 2007, but he’s had moments — such as last week — when he’s fought back to show how explosive he can be. Now, as motivation to follow up, he’s got some bulletin board material from a kicker of all people.

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