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New on DVD: Abduction, The Ides of March, Courageous

New releases coming Tuesday: ‘Abduction’ (PG-13, 106 minutes, Lionsgate): In the opening minutes, we meetNathan (“Twilight” alumnus Taylor Lautner), a studly wrestler inhigh school, constantly tested by his strict dad and nurtured byhis more understanding mom. A class project with his elusive,unavailable neighbor (Lily Collins) sends them to amissing-children website and a toddler named Nathan. Theirquestions trigger an explosion of revelations about Nathan’s pastand a desperate escape that sends boy and girl on the lam, with noidea of who is after them or who they can trust. With a plot thatmost adults will stay a step or two ahead of, “Abduction” isn’tgoing to challenge anybody who has seem more than one “on the lam”picture. But Lautner, as action hero, doesn’t embarrass himself,not by a long shot. Contains sequences of intense violence andaction, brief language, some sexual content and teen partying. DVDextras: Two behind-the-scenes featurettes, a production journalwith Lautner, gag reel. ‘Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star’ (R, 97 minutes, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment): Nick Swardsonis the latest comic reclamation project to come out of AdamSandler’s Happy Madison production company. This star vehicle is acomedy about a farm country dimwit who discovers his parents wereonce porn stars and takes the bus to Los Angeles to follow in theirfootsteps. As a beaver-toothed, bowl-cut wearing doofus, Swardsonrarely manages to find laughs in this virgin who knows nothing ofthe world, movies or porn, but who prematurely finds his way to thetop. Bucky is a fish out of water in Los Angeles, terrorized by hisroommate (Kevin Nealon, not that funny), charmed by the perkywaitress (Christina Ricci, making the best of things), humiliatedby a “real” porn star played by Stephen Dorff. Then Bucky isaccidentally discovered by a has-been director played by DonJohnson. Bucky’s inadequacies made him a viral video sensation, andthat leads to fame and porno fortune. Contains pervasive crudesexual content, language and some nudity. Extras: making-offeaturettes “Behind the Teeth,” “Gary: Tough Customer,” “BuckySparkles” and “Laughter is Contagious.” ‘The Ides of March’ (R, 101 minutes, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment): Viewerslooking for penetrating insight, rather than a well-craftedpolitical potboiler, will come away disappointed. Granted, directorand star George Clooney elicits terrific performances from hisplayers, gamely letting Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ryan Gosling andPaul Giamatti take the lion’s share of the film’s most toothsomedialogue. “The Ides of March” is so well directed and acted thatit’s easy to overlook how dated and shallow it is. Clooney does agood job opening up the ideas Beau Willimon first explored onstagein the 2008 play “Farragut North,” but the result is still apessimistic truth so universally acknowledged that it doesn’t bearrepeating, however stylishly. Contains pervasive profanity. DVDextras: Making-of featurettes. ‘Courageous’ (PG-13, 129 minutes, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment): It’sinteresting to track the growing cinematic sophistication of thepreaching/filmmaking Kendrick brothers from “Facing the Giants” totheir breakout hit “Fireproof” to their latest film. Writer StephenKendrick and writer-director-actor Alex Kendrick have masteredbuilding suspense, hiding surprises, action (chases, shootouts) andeven humor — and that makes their latest faith-based drama a cutabove. But it’s also preachier. “Courageous,” a challenge tofathers to measure up to the Biblical definition of the word,follows four Albany, Ga., sheriff’s deputies who are tested by thesmall city’s gang and drug problems, something the sheriffidentifies as being the product of kids growing up in fatherlesshomes. The deputies are close enough friends to talk about theirpersonal lives, with two pointing to God and the Bible as theirguideposts. The Kendricks haven’t watered down their Baptistbeliefs based on efforts to reach an audience beyond the faithful.That is what makes them inspiring to legions of other faith-basedfilmmakers, even though it also holds them back. Contains someviolence and drug content. DVD extras: commentary with the Kendrickbrothers, making-of featurettes, deleted scenes, outtakes andbloopers. Also: “Mysteries of Lisbon,” “Eclipse Series 31: Three Popular Filmsby Jean-Pierre Gorin” (Criterion Collection, documentaries made inSouthern California: “Poto and Cabengo,” 1978; “In RoutinePleasures,” 1986; and “My Crasy Life,” 1992), “Merlin: The CompleteThird Season” (NNC Home Entertainment, five-disc set with extrasincluding making-of featurette and Merlin panel at the 2010 SanDiego Comic Con), “Age of Heroes,” “Enemies of the People,”"KickOff,” “Belle de Jour” (1967, Criterion Collection), “BillMoyers: Amazing Grace,” “Thurgood” (HBO), “Sliders: The Fifth andFinal Season,” “Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain,” “Dirty Girl,”"Unguarded” (ESPN) and “Waking the Dead: The Complete Season Six”(BBC).

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