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NBA Roundhouse: Rondo, Howard, Paul and the Return of the NBA

NBA Roundhouse is one of many new series that will run on Pippen Ain’t Easy. In the NBA Roundhouse, we cover all things NBA not just the Bulls. It just another one of the ways Pippen Ain’t Easy makes taking in the NBA easier for you by keeping it all neat and tidy in one placeNBA Roundhouse So…About That Nuclear WinterIn case you still don’t know, the NBA is back and will be back in full swing come Christmas Day and preparation for that day begin Wednesday when agents and teams can begin talking contracts. December 9th is the first official day of what is an intensely abbreviated offseason.But let’s reflect first on exactly what happened and who won. We have had threats and petty bullying all lockout long and once David Stern said nuclear winter, it did two things. It made half of the NBA community laugh at Stern basically swinging so big with an angry face it was hard not to chuckle.But the other thing it did was get the attention of the more serious people involved. This was a threat that actually worked and Stern deserves some credit for that. It’s fractional credit but it’s still deserved. Stern really is that bug eyed crazy to drive the car off the cliff and the Union slowly came to that realization and had to give in to the best available deal to calm Stern down.The players get just a little over 52 percent of the total revenue but they should have gotten more. Stern played chicken and the players flinched, but ultimately they win. If the league balloons in revenue like they all expect, they get paid and paid more then the owners.But the sheer amount of concessions given up to get to that point was all owner greed and the boos should be directed at the owners box come opening day, not the court.Let’s Make a DealOne of the most entertaining aspects of the NFL and it’s lockout was the wild offseason the followed where four months worth of action went down in a 48 hour window. The deals and trades were flying across the wire and although the NBA may not have that intense of an offseason, it’s not going to be boring.In fact, a major deal is already brewing on the East Coast with the Boston Celtics trying to trade Rajon Rondo to the New Orleans Hornets for Chris Paul.Now although this deal makes sense but also manages not to at the same time, the best part of it is that it signals what should be one of the most entertaining and compacted NBA offseasons probably ever.And last years fire sale of elite talent is pretty hard to top.There aren’t as many elite names floating around but aside from the mega blockbuster in pre-production in Boston, notable names are looking to change uniforms all over.Nene wants out of Denver and is most likely going to be the Miami Heat’s top priority. Brandon Roy may be cut via an amnesty clause which puts him on the market. Jamal Crawford, Jason Richardson, Tyson Chandler, David West, and Glen Davis are all unrestricted free agents meaning they can go anywhere they choose.Miami needs a big man center to compete with an Eastern Conference that is gigantic there, the Bulls need a shooting guard to complete their championship puzzle, the Nets are dealing for Dwight Howard and the Knicks are looking for the third member of their Big 3.Folks the NBA is back and the transaction flood gates are about to open and hopefully it’s a good omen for the 66 game season that awaits us. Tags: NBA

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