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Monkees reminiscing: Cedar Rapids appearance

The announcement today that Davy Jones has died and co-worker, Diana Nollen’s posting of her 1996 review of the Monkees’ Cedar Rapids performance, reminded me of one of my favorite stories I’ve done here.This ran in The Gazette on Aug. 30, 1996:Wild about Monkees: Englishman’s quest leads to C.R. festHey, hey, he’s a fan.Aiden Simington gathered up his last pounds and pence and traveled from his home in Oxford, England, to Cedar Rapids to see his favorite band, The Monkees, perform tonight at the Taste of Iowa celebration.The 26-year-old member of the group’s fan club first saw The Monkees on TV when he was 10, but has never seen a live performance.After missing the band’s sold-out tour in England in 1989, he was thrilled to learn the group was touring again. A stop in England was postponed – and might be rescheduled – but Simington didn’t want to chance missing them again, so he decided to travel to the United States.“I was thinking, ‘I can’t afford this,”‘ he said. “But then I thought, what if I get to age 40 and my kids … ask me, ‘When did you see them?”‘Finding a bargain-priced ticket, Simington boarded a plane to Miami, hoping to reach Cedar Rapids a short time later by land.“I failed geography in school,” he said. “I thought, how far can it be?”He ended up buying another plane ticket that brought him to Cedar Rapids, where he has split the last couple days between the Shady Acres Motel, where he is staying, and finding his way around town.His dream is to meet the members of the band “just to say to them the music you’ve made has affected me.“It has literally changed my life.”

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