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milk and cake: green acres

Jooliesaid…Wow, those radishes! Sounds like you're doing it right–starting modestly but experimenting too. More garden posts as the summer wears on, ja?10:20 PMSpacebeersaid…Now that we have a yard, I definitely want to try growing things, but I'm worried because I'm not generally good with houseplants, and outdoor plants seem even more complicated. Maybe I will just start with a pot with some basil in it or something and go from there. Oh, and what was the carrot seed tip?6:03 AMamandasaid…definitely more posts! i'm really loving the garden. going out there, watering in the morning and afternoon on hot days, checking the progress, even weeding is fun. and kristy, D's awesome trick was this; you take a piece of paper, fold it in half long-wise, and use that to gently shake the seeds into the row you've prepared. he showed me this thing you do where you very slightly tip the paper, using one hand to hold it at the top (the open part) and the other to gently urge the seeds down by rubbing the paper between your fingers. it's hard to explain, but even just using the longer piece of paper will slow the seeds down! when you sprinkle them from the pouch, they like to come out all at once, and then they are hard to separate out from the soil.7:22 PMSpacebeersaid…That makes so much sense!6:07 AM

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