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Michigan voters: ‘It’s finally starting to feel real’

BERRIEN COUNTY – Mitt Romney walked away a double winner Tuesday night in the presidential primaries in Michigan and Arizona. But most of the evening it was too close to call in Michigan.CLICK HERE to see the Michigan Primary resultsAs expected, it was a battle between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. Romeny’s roots are in Michigan, his father was governor there. But some said Santorum needed this win to keep his momentum going for Super Tuesday next week. So what was at stake for Michigan voters on Tuesday? While keeping November in mind, some said these results will dictate their immediate future.”It’s finally starting to feel real,” said a Berrien County voter on Tuesday.For some Berrien County voters, it’s their first taste of the election season.”There are so many candidates, it’s been a long battle and we need to get it settled,” said voter Jenny Bishop.Candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum campaigned in Michigan on Tuesday – they were neck-and-neck as results filtered in throughout the evening.Newt Gingrich spent the day securing support in his home state of Georgia and Ron Paul tackled Virginia.”Politics in Washington are getting old and people are noticing that and want something different,” said student voter August Garritano.Voters in Michigan said they’re on a mission and each one marking their ballot is looking for some kind of change.”In a lot of ways were hoping to find someone to beat Obama,” Bishop said.”I went to a Ron Paul rally yesterday,” Garritano said.”I didn’t vote for the one that was born and raised here,” Ron Bishop, a Berrien County voter said.Although it was the Republican primaries, it was an open primary – voters could request any ballot regardless of their party registration.”Maybe one candidate speaks to you, maybe you’re tired of the way things are in politics or Washington and you should be able to change your mind and not be locked in to vote for a certain party,” Garritano said.For most of the day, precincts in Berrien County were reporting a low voter turnout. Some said that better change by November.“If there’s any possibility of wanting change, then we have to be the people making the difference,” said voter Lori Summer.One week from today is Super Tuesday. More delegates can be won on that day than on any other single day of the primary calendar.Many said Tuesday night’s results set the stage for what may happen next week.

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