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Meriden City Manager unhappy with CL&P efforts Wednesday – Meriden News –

MERIDEN – Nineteen restoration crews will be in the city,continuing restoration efforts. City Manager Lawrence J. Kendzior said 19 teams from CL&Pand out-of-state will be in the city, an increase from yesterday.Kendzior said 17 crews were in the city most of the day. What those crews were doing yesterday, however, was called intoquestion at Thursday’s Emergency Management meeting.”There were six or seven crews sitting in Wendy’s parking lotfor three or four hours last night,” Kendzior said. “I understandthey stayed in the parking lot and then went home.”City Councilor Anthony Tomasetti said he talked to a policeofficer who spoke with those out-of-state crews in Wendy’s parkinglot on East Main Street.”My understanding is they stayed in the parking lot and thenwent home,” he said. “It’s nice to have crews in town, but whatgood are those without CL&P telling them where to go…thecompany is dysfunctional.”Crews today will work in these locations today, working to restore powerto areas without power.As of 10 a.m., 62 percent, or about 22,000 are still withoutpower.Kendzior said it possible more than 19 crews will be on handlater today, but it is unlikely any more would be available.Kendzior reported that power was restored to the Broad Brookwater treatment and pump station. Also, power restored insurrounding areas, as well as Diamond Hill. East Main Streetbetween the Interstate 91 exit and Carpenter Avenue were alsorestored.Kendzior said he was pleased to hear of the Broad Brookrestoration.”I didn’t want to be the city manager of a town that can’t flushits toilets,” he said.

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