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Melissa McCarthy Trivia

Melissa McCarthy from ‘Mike & Molly’ at the 2011 Emmy Awards Pop Culture PassionistasYahoo! Contributor Network Just two weeks before the season two premiere of “Mike & Molly” on September 26, Melissa McCarthy won the 2011 Emmy for her portrayal of Molly Flynn. How much do you really know about the award-winning actress? Test your knowledge of Melissa McCarthy by taking this quiz below. Trivia Questions: 1. Where was Melissa McCarthy born? 2. What other Hollywood celebrity is Melissa McCarthy related to? 3. McCarthy once admitted to David Letterman that she adopted which fashion trend when she was in high school? 4. What profession was McCarthy originally pursuing before becoming a comedian and actress? 5. Name McCarthy’s breakout TV role from 2000. 6. How many children does McCarthy have? 7. What role did McCarthy play on the Christina Applegate series “Samatha Who?” in 2007? 8. What’s the occupation of her character Molly in the hit series “Mike & Molly”? 9. What 2011 film propelled McCarthy to movie star status? 10. When McCarthy won the 2011 Emmy for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series, what else did she win in addition to the statue? Trivia Answers: 1. McCarthy was born in Plainfield, Illinois on August 26, 1970. 2. Melissa McCarthy is Jenny McCarthy’s cousin. Their dads are brothers. Melissa made her first TV appearance on “The Jenny McCarthy Show” in 1997. 3. McCarthy told Letterman she was goth in high school. She said, “I went upstairs in a tennis outfit and came back down in a black cloak.” 4. McCarthy went to college to study clothing and textiles but instead of getting into fashion design she began doing stand-up. 5. McCarthy portrayed Sookie St. James on “The Gilmore Girls ” from 2000 to 2007. 6. McCarthy and her husband, Ben Falcone, have two daughters – Vivian, born in May of 2007, and Georgette, born in March of 2010. 7. McCarthy played Dena, Samantha’s slightly annoying but very loving friend from high school on “Samantha Who?” 8. Molly is a school teacher and Mike is a policeman on the series “Mike & Molly.” 9. McCarthy starred alongside Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph in the blockbuster female buddy film “Bridesmaids.” 10. In a faux-pageant moment with the other best actress nominees, McCarthy was handed roses and a tiara when she won the Emmy in 2011. More From This Contributor: Jason Bateman Trivia Roseanne Barr Trivia Noah Wyle Trivia Note: This was written by a Yahoo! contributor. Join the Yahoo! Contributor Network here to start publishing your own articles. See More Yahoo! Contributor Network Stories

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