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Matt Leinart: Texans QB and Vince Young Get Second Chances at Glory

It is funny how things work out. Matt Leinart and Vince Young quarterbacked USC and Texas respectfully, in one of the most exciting Rose Bowl games in memory.The game was chock full of stars, in addition to Leinart and Young. Reggie Bush, Brian Cushing and Rey Maualuga played for USC. Jamal Charles, Cedric Griffin and others played for Texas.But no stars shined brighter than the QBs on this day. Young got the best of Leinart that day, but both have had up and mostly down careers in the NFL.With in a matter of eight days, both will get a second chance at starting on the NFL level. Leinart has been inserted as the starter for the Houston Texans as Matt Schaub is believed to be out for the year.Young is getting a much more temporary opportunity in Mike Vick’s stead, who is out with broken ribs.Leinart appears to be in a better position to be effective in his start. The Texans are playing well, this is his second season in the offense and he should be much more comfortable.Young on the other hand has been injured this season, his only pass this year was an INT and the Eagles are reeling. The Texans are on a bye, which is another benefit for Leinart; he’ll get two full weeks with the first team before he has to take the field.Leinart’s first start will take place in Jacksonville against the Jaguars. The Jags have been solid on defense (fifth in the NFL against the pass), but their offense is anemic. Therefore, it shouldn’t require a ton of points scored to beat the Jags,Young will start Sunday night against the New York Giants. He is being thrusted in the middle of a intense NFC East rivalry game. The Giants have struggled a bit defensively, and are only 17th against the pass this year.The connections here are scary. Leinart is in for Schaub who once backed up Vick in Atlanta and doing it in the state of Texas where Young is a legend.We will see if both men can use their next start as a chance to revitalize their careers. 

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