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Man goes missing after Uganda trip

Published on 06/03/2012 By Job WeruSome minutes before midnight on July 16, last year, Mr Kinyua Weru was asleep in his house in Kiawara village, Nyeri County, when his ringing phone disrupted his sleep.He answered the phone and discovered it was his eldest son, David Muriithi, who was calling him from Uganda where he works. This was somehow an unusual call since he was not used to receiving late night calls from him.Muriithi told his father: “Mzee, I left Kampala for Nairobi. We are approaching the Busia border and I will be in Nairobi tomorrow at 10am.”Weru just went back to sleep, hoping to meet his son the following day.But the call seemed the last words he was to hear from his son. The following day, the family rose with hopes of welcoming their son.”I even stopped his children from going to church so that they could wait for their father. Ironically, since then he is yet to arrive home. We have been praying to God that he comes back safely,” says Weru.Muriithi, 38, was a technician and welder with Steel Structures, a company operating in Kenya and Uganda, where he was employed in 2007.On July 16, he got a three-day off from his employer in Uganda. He planned to spend time with his family in his rural home in Kieni West District.Muriithi’s journey was, however, not completed. To date he has never been spotted, either in Uganda or his Nyeri home.Escort homeWeru says Muriithi was accompanied from Uganda by a woman whom he was escorting home after a two-week stint in Uganda, where she was employed as a housemaid.The woman, identified as Njeri, had arrived in Uganda some 12 days before. But she decided not to continue working in the foreign nation. When she decided to return home, her employer, who was Muriithi’s friend, asked him to guide the woman back to Mugoiri as he was travelling to Kenya.”When he called me at night, Muriithi was in the company of Njeri,” says Weru.Njeri has since then been telling unconvincing tales that followed their arrival in Nairobi aboard a Kampala Coach bus. The woman reportedly claimed that upon arrival, Muriithi started developing some health complications, which also led him to suffer convulsions.”She told us that he started collapsing and he at one time fell and lost consciousness as they walked on the streets of Nairobi as he showed her the way to her rural home’s matatu termini in Nairobi,” says Weru.Foul play   Tweet    

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