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Loss of an American Visionary

Well, I clicked on facebook not 10 minutes ago as of this post to find out sadly that the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, has finally succumbed to the cancer that has plagued him all of these years. I can’t say this was unexpected. Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple in August claiming that he didn’t feel that he was up to the task of performing his duties as CEO anymore. Recent photos of Steve Jobs looking thin and gaunt suggested that he didn’t have a lot of time left. This doesn’t make news of his passing any less sad.With the loss of Steve Jobs, America has lost one of its most prominent visionaries and entrepreneurs. We’ve lost someone who revolutionized how we go about our day to day life. In the mind of Steve Jobs, an mp3 player didn’t have to just be an mp3 player. A cell phone didn’t just have to be a cell phone. A computer could be something that everyone could use and enjoy. Steve Jobs was a man who “thought outside the box” but he always made his ideas accessible to the general public. We’ve lost someone who made technology fun, easy to use, and elegant. Not to mention, his years at Pixar produced some of our most cherished childhood memories.Steve Jobs was everything that an American entrepreneur should be. He not only had a brilliant imagination but seemed to always call on us to use ours more often. He was truly a guy that approached technology by never asking “Why?” but always, “Why not?” Tonight when you’re playing music on iTunes or on your iPod, crank out a tune in memory of the man whose vision made it all possible. He will be sorely missed.RIP Steve Jobs.

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