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She seemingly has everything an athlete could want in life: world class speed in the high hurdles, model looks, a toned body and a place at the Olympics on the world’s biggest sports stage. Lolo Jones (pictures below) is only missing one thing in life that would make her life as a woman complete: a husband in bed so she can finally lose her virginity. Picture gallery below.Yes you heard that right. This gorgeous track star is saving her virginity for the man of her dreams, and at age 29 with her biological clock ticking down, she is becoming ever more interesting in finding her mate. Lolo has been frequenting online dating sites of late attempting to find the perfect suitor to steal both her heart and her virginity. The gorgeous Miss Jones opened up in a frank interview recently after tweeting on her Twitter account that she is a virgin. That got the media’s interest as you can imagine, and the interest of us and our readers as well. So we have compiled a set of Lolo Jones photos for you to completely examine her best assets. And we will explain how to contact her if you are interested in her hand in marriage. But don’t waste time thinking you will get in her pants easily by sending your own pictures. Lolo Jones requires a wedding ring on her cute little finger before she will make you happy in bed. What she said about her ordeal as a virgin Olympic athlete is very interesting and full of unintentional double-entendre: “This journey has been hard. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Harder than training for the Olympics. Harder than studying for college has been staying a virgin before marriage.”Yes indeed. So view Lolo Jones pictures and then get in touch with her via her Twitter page which is located right here. Send her a tweet from your own Twitter account saying that you are interested in marriage and she may just respond to your proposition. You might also friend her on Facebook by going here and sending her a more private message.A bit of biographical information might help you decide. In addition to having a world class banging body, Lolo is super funny with a great smile. She loves kids and animals too, and hailing from Iowa gives her small town midwestern values. When you visit her Twitter page and Facebook page you can review the photos of Lolo interacting with children, so we think you can start a big family with her when she is ready to retire. And that won’t be too long given she is practically a grandma already by track standards.By the way, I applaud Lolo for not only her choice, but having the self-confidence to make her virginity public. She serves as an example to other young women everywhere that you can make your own choices in life. She shows that you can remain hugely popular without giving men everything they want in bed. Her own choice isn’t for everyone, but she just made it way cool.You can watch the video below to learn something more about Lolo Jones biography. We know she is 5’9″ tall and weighs 135 pounds of tanned, toned body. But we cannot find her measurements online because she isn’t doing much modeling yet, but from the pictures you can see that she obviously has the body for it when she hangs up her Olympic tennis shoes someday. Besides, you have to leave something up to the imagination before jumping into the honeymoon bed to steal your wife’s virginity. Video: Lolo Jones’s biography and life story

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