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Letter: 2008 lessons go unlearned

Most people can remember the strange twists and turns that took place in the 2008 election. Barack Obama seemed to reverse the top spot practically overnight and never looked back. On the other side of the tracks the conservatives were doing, sadly, what they have learned to do best, which is bashing their running mates without a glimmer of a thought that it might come back to bite them. Well, it did, and it was a fatal bite that diminished John McCain to the point that it lost him the election. Dismally, history is repeating itself. One after another, most of the front-runners are bashing their fellow candidates to the point that it is damaging them greatly in the overall scheme of things. The proof of this stupid and damaging tactic is that the ultimate winner from all these failed tactics ran away with the Florida straw poll with an astounding victory that more than doubled the percentage achieved by the two top runners. Herman Cain, who may very well be the sharpest candidate in the running, presented nothing but positive and action-packed programs without the slightest bashing of his fellow candidates; this resonated with Florida voters as the quality that they are really looking for in the presidential race. Further proof of the continued failure of the bashing tactic has been evidenced by the continued attacks by the former favorites in the form of vicious advertising programs that, in my opinion, will only put them in a deeper hole. Did they learn anything in Florida? Apparently not. If nothing else, this study in stupidity should teach us all to emphasize the positives and let the negatives be revealed by others or just by the media exposure these acts generate. It’s only fitting that a very sharp and wise businessman not blemished by the curse of Washington, Herman Cain, is the one that is schooling the elite prima donnas in our pitifully inept world of “seasoned” and over-glorified politicians. I say hats off to Mr. Cain and wish him the very best. Rick De Groff Olive Branch

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