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Let's work to unite our community

As I was thinking about the events that are taking place in our community today I could not help myself. My heart was filled with a great deal of emotions. Today is Pentecost Sunday, Global Day of Prayer, combined Baccalaureate service for Culpeper and Eastern View High School. I have to stop here and say thank you to all the men and women who have labored tirelessly to bring about unity in our community. I am reminded of the day I walked in a building while a symphony was warming up and tuning their instruments. I have to tell you that the sound that was coming out of that room was “horrible”, everyone of them was doing there own thing. I couldn’t bear to go in the concert hall.  It was almost an hour later, first there was silence and then I heard a noise coming through the door. It was soft, calm and gentle. I followed the sound inside the building. The band looked elegant paying attention to the conductor who appeared to be confident and graceful. I was blown away by the performance. The harmony was so incredible. The orchestra played such heavenly music. The difference was that the orchestra was in one accord. No one was on their own anymore. They played together, the music was beautiful and the sound was just breathtaking. Just imagine if we as Christians harmonized together, we would make a difference in so many lives. Those musicians individually are talented musicians, but when playing on their own it’s a total chaos. When they chose to play in sync it was amazing. There is a law called “synergism”. This law states that when the joint actions of agents are brought together they increase each other’s effectiveness. There is a great importance for us to join together in unity in order to strengthen our community. It is very sad to see the law of synergy being utilized in the secular more effectively than in the Christian community. More and more I see businesses join together in order to be competitive and on the other hand I see more and more churches divide. The secular world is getting stronger and stronger because they choose to put their egos aside and unite while the church is getting weaker and weaker because they fail to unite due to egos. Remember, unity will work for none believers like it will work for believers. It is a law. I would like to encourage all of you to attend the Pentecost Services and Global Day of Prayer in the Yowell Meadow Park in Culpeper and also I would like to invite all of the Class of 2012, their families and friends to attend the Baccalaureate service that will be held in celebration of their upcoming graduation. We have chosen to invite the classes of both high schools in order to promote unity within our community as we celebrate together. The Baccalaureate service will be held today at 2 p.m. at Germanna Community College (Daniel Technology Center) located at 18121 Technology Drive, Culpeper. Class members should arrive by 1:30 p.m. in their caps and gowns. Refreshments will be served after the service. Kalenga pastors His Village church, coaches girls soccer at CCHS and is involved with Rize-Up Youth Ministries. E-mail

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