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Kristen Bell’s Fashion Idol? Her Mom

Universal PicturesFor actress Kristen Bell, playing a 1980s TV reporter in the upcoming film Big Miracle was a chance to emulate her fashion idol: her mother.“I grew up in the ’80s but it wasn’t my prime. But I had older sisters and I definitely looked up to the way my mom dressed,” Bell told reporters during a press event Friday at the Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica. “The first time I realized, ‘Oh, look at these beautiful, stylish women in my life,’ was around the time the [Big Miracle] story happened.”Director Ken Kwapis calls Big Miracle — based on the real-life attempts to save a family of whales trapped by rapidly forming ice in 1988 Alaska — a “period piece, as weird as that sounds.” And while the film co-stars Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski, it’s Bell’s eager reporter that dons the more stereotypical 1980s fashions in the film.“It was really fun working with the costume designer to create all these amazing shoulder pads and all these cool pastels,” Bell explained. “And [my character's] hair obviously had to be big so we did hot rollers every day which was fun and then teased the crap out of it.”One awesome last accessory tied all Bell’s outfits together, though: press-ons.“I wore press-on nails,” she admitted, “because everybody had long, pink fingernails in the ’80s.”Big Miracle opens nation wide Feb. 3.–Patrick Gomez Kristen Bell,TV & Movies

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