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Kreayshawn Does Thrift Town » MTV Style

Are you ready for a preamble? Is it weird to write a forward to a preamble? Can a blogger just write a bunch of copy regarding a post that is slated to arrive any minute now without actually ever committing the real article to WordPress? Did I front-load the bold name for SEO sufficiently? Are you bored yet? ANYWAY, this is a long-winded way of saying we are well aware that this Kreayshawn video of her thrift shopping in San Francisco’s Mission District is super old, but we just found it now and love it.It’s just so good. This doesn’t necessarily mean we co-sign EVERYTHING ABOUT IT or whatever, it’s more that we are desperately in love with the mood. It reminds us of how fun it is to go shopping with your girlfriends when none of you have any money whatsoever. It also reminds us of a time when we were young and bed bugs weren’t a legitimate concern in secondhand clothing hunts. It also calls attention to the fact that White Girl Mob (Kreayshawn’s crew, which is not relegated to alabaster melanin types BTW) affiliate Lil’ Debbie has THE BEST HAIR. As a love letter to shopping with your friends in the summer, this nails it.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, we also love teeny, weeny denim vests and gobs of jewelry. And long-sleeved mesh things. Especially with borderline Janet Jackson, pale blue ’90s jeans. Ixnay on the earring to nose-ring chain situation, however–because yikes–but also bully for experimentation!

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