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Katy Perry Parties With Rebecca Black, ‘Glee’ Cast in ‘Last Friday Night’ Video

In her own new video for “Last Friday Evening (TGIF),” Katy Perry is getting a complete-on John Hughes moment.

Additionally towards the video’s glorious 1980s teen flick feeling, “Last Friday Evening” features an onslaught of truly random cameos. Individuals stars incorporated: recent butt-of-the-joke Rebecca Black (of “Friday” viral fame), Darren Criss (Blaine) and Kevin McHale (Artie) from “Glee,” Hanson, Kenny G (as “Uncle Kenny,” who is not permitted to experience sax any longer), Darlene Gibson and Corey Feldman (as Perry’s parents).

Watch the extended video, which features Perry’s brace-faced nerd-switched-hottie character, Kathy Janet Terry (age 13).

The humorous clip packs numerous attempted-and-true story arcs of teenybopper movies inside a mere eight minutes, from the geek-to-chic transformation (just remove individuals large glasses, and voila!), to some teenaged rager while parents are away, and many unrequited longing. Meanwhile, after several several weeks of vicious internet bullying, Katy Perry gives Rebecca Black her opportunity to play “the awesome girl.” Black not just throws quite the Friday evening rager, but within the video’s stranger moments, she waxes Katy Perry’s nonexistent mustache.

Before the “Last Friday Evening” video’s premiere, Perry continues to be taking her Kathy Janet Terry alter-ego one stage further, starting Twitter and facebook pages for that imaginary eighth grader.

Exactly what do you think about Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Evening” video? Could it be her best music video yet? Inform us within the comments below!

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