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Karachi Giant Whale Shark Found Dead In Arabian Sea (Photo)

Karachi Giant Whale Shark Image Credit: Akhtar Soomro A giant whale shark found by fishermen in the Arabian Sea was brought into a harbor in Karachi, Pakistan using several cranes, according to several international reports on Tuesday, February 7, 2012. The giant whale shark is reportedly unconscious for about 10 days. (Below is a video of the giant whale shark)Reports say that carcass was sold for 1.7 million rupees (approximately $19,000).According to the National Geographic, whale sharks usually grow over 40 feet and are considered as the world’s largest fish. This massive docile creature usually swims in warm, tropical waters.Veteran fisherman Allan Amanse warned in a VERA Files article that “Whale sharks are really amazing animals. They are very gentle. But people should remember that they are wildlife animals and feeding them could pose more harm than good.”Giant Whale Shark worth 1.7 million PKR ($18,758) Image Credit: Akhtar Soomro Below is theexpresstribune YouTube video of the giant whale shark in Karachi.

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