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Iona Basketball: Making the Case Why the Gaels Should Make the NCAA Tournament

Drexel have been the mid-major darling that most bracketologists have loved so far going into Selection Sunday.Maybe it is because they are from the CAA like VCU, or maybe it is because they are from the Philadelphia area, a region that loves their college basketball.Yet Drexel’s resume has been lacking. Drexel does have one win over a top 50 side this year, but that win was to VCU, who just defeated Drexel in the CAA final.Drexel do have three other wins against sides ranked inside of the top 100 spots in the NCAA, but have also lost twice more against top 100 sides.One of those losses was a 13-point loss to the same St. Joe’s team that lost at Iona a week earlier.Drexel’s resume has been helped tremendously with a strong 15-0 record against sides ranked beyond 200 in RPI. Yet Drexel have only been able to record a 12-6 record against sides that are ranked in the top 200 in RPI.Drexel’s RPI out of conference is 81 (compared to Iona’s 19) and have a strength of schedule of 208, while Iona’s schedule strength is 145.Judging from their schedule, Drexel are much less likely to succeed in the NCAA tournament if they were to be in it than Iona. The Gaels have been tested with tougher competition and have responded well.Drexel’s biggest win outside of its conference was against Princeton by four points, while Iona’s biggest win is against Nevada in a bracket-busters game.

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