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Independent costs

Here is another example of a column that gives the public a biased opinion [Who pays for private schooling?, May 12 Painful Truth, Langley Advance] about something which the writer obviously has chosen to omit, or maybe he really doesn’t know.

My gut feeling is that he knows full well and has chosen to leave information out because of his personal views of the independent school system.

The funds required to build independent schools is born totally by the parents of the schools. No funding is provided to build a $5-million school. If the public system were to have to build new schools to house these 69,000 students, the extra cost to every taxpayer and the public school system would be huge.

He also didn’t mention that every parent of an independent school child is a normal taxpayer like everyone else. Does the public know we pay the school taxes PLUS the extra cost to send our children to these schools?

Also, for independent schools to get 50 per cent funding, they must be below the cost per student of the public system in their respective school zones. Being fiscally responsible is one of the top priorities of these schools.

For 19 years I sent my five kids to Credo Elementary and Credo High. It was a decision we never regretted as parents.

For many years we drove 10-year-old vehicles so we could pay the extra tuition. We only went out for dinner to McDonald’s once a month, so we could pay the extra tuition. I never started golf till later in life, so we could pay the extra tuition.

Mr Claxton is right: we did have a jar we kept in the house. It was the money we didn’t spend on the many other luxuries that others seemed to have, like going out or go golfing every week. In 1987, the jar was right by the keys to our 1972 Pontiac Lemans.

Coddled? I don’t think so.

Bill Dehaas, Langley

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