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In case you missed it…

Because it’s only humane to let sports fans to sleep at some point, I’ve come up with a cure for insomnia and rounded up the big stories that you might have missed overnight.Now that The Challenge: Rivals is over with for the season, there was a lack of truly compelling athletic competition on the television last night. Kate Bosworth was also fairly full on Chelsea Lately, so that didn’t help either.Where there was compelling action however, was right here on Willis of Houses of the Hockey examined the NHL’s new social media policy, which hopefully doesn’t apply to Paul Bissonnette.  In addition, Brad Gagnon outlined five things to watch this week in NFL football over at Goal Line Stand. And finally, this writer spent a full day covering lingerie football. Seriously. Arian Foster “feels good” at practice (ESPN) The headline is just an excuse to play some Tony! Toni! Toné!. But really, the league’s leading rusher possibly returning this week is a big deal. Curt Leskanic hit with DUI charge (Orlando Sentinel) The fact that the former journeyman reliever had his 5-year old daughter riding alongside him as he was driving with a .331 blood-alcohol level is obviously reprehensible, however the question of how one gets to that level of drunkenness is what’s intriguing.Using the website, one can experiment and find the quickest way to reach a .331 blood-alcohol level. The data we have is as follows: Leskanic is a 43 year old man, listed at 6’0”, played at a weight of 180 which we conservatively bumped to 200 to consider inactivity, and was plastered drunk and swerving wildly by 7:30 PM ET.Based on those details, the fastest way to get that inebriated, based on a rough experiment, is to consume 22 shots of 40% alcohol within an hour and a half. This is within reason, as we assume Leskanic didn’t ask for the moonshine in the Mason jars from the back, but would rather choose from the offerings typically available at taverns.If Leskanic were really trying to fool his daughter into believing “Daddy’s just drinking juice, he’s alright to drive,” he could have also guzzled 12 Mike’s Hard Lemonades in the same time period and achieved the same level of intoxication.Brandon Rios and Robert Garcia to walk Floyd Mayweather to the ring? (BoxingScene)A continuation of yesterday’s story that Mayweather was inviting Victor Ortiz’s mortal enemy Brandon Rios, and his trainer Danny Garcia’s estranged brother Robert to the bout on Saturday.Well now it’s stepped up a notch. Mayweather’s manager Leonard Ellerbe is now saying that Rios and Robert Garcia might accompany Floyd during his ring walk.This is wrestling storyline-type stuff, and frankly, if we allow Bernard Hopkins to get away with insane comments and flagrant racism during pre-fight hype, then taking what Floyd does with a grain of salt is necessary. However, if you want to legitimately raise an eyebrow toward someone in this situation, it should be toward Robert Garcia, who seems ecstatic about rooting against his brother in the biggest moment of his life. In yesterday’s press conference, Danny responded by expressing hope that by Robert being in the building, it might give them a chance to reconcile.If you ever doubted that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a marketing genius, this is proof. Have you even thought about his little family dilemma in these days leading up the fight?

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