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In brief: White House eases birth control rules

March 17, 2012 in Nation/World From Wire Reports Print Email Share   WASHINGTON – The Obama administration moved Friday to further insulate religiously affiliated hospitals and universities from paying for birth control for their female employees if they object to providing the coverage on moral grounds. Under fire from leading Catholic hospitals and other institutions, the administration had previously proposed shifting the cost of providing birth control coverage onto insurance companies, while prohibiting those insurers from passing the additional cost on to employers.But it was unclear what this would mean for large, religiously affiliated employers that self-insure. In a notice released Friday, the Department of Health and Human Services suggested these self-insured employers could pass the cost of the contraceptive coverage on to whoever administers their health benefits. Large employers typically contract with an insurance company to handle billing and other administrative tasks associated with providing health benefits.These administrators would then use funds from other sources, such as rebates they might receive from drugmakers, to offset the cost of the contraceptive benefit, according to administration officials.Co-founder behind ‘Kony’ video held SAN DIEGO – A co-founder of the group behind a viral video about a brutal African warlord was detained by police and hospitalized after witnesses saw him running down streets in his underwear, screaming and banging his fists on the pavement. Jason Russell of Invisible Children was hospitalized for exhaustion less than two weeks after the release of the 30-minute video he narrated about warlord Joseph Kony, said Ben Keesey, the group’s chief executive officer. “Jason Russell was unfortunately hospitalized yesterday suffering from exhaustion, dehydration and malnutrition,” Keesey said. “The past two weeks have taken a severe emotional toll on all of us.” CBO confirms deficit projections WASHINGTON – The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, official scorekeeper of fiscal Washington, estimated that President Barack Obama’s proposed 2013 budget would largely do what it says: Add another $6 trillion-plus to deficits over the next decade. That said, the red ink will be slightly less than the White House projected – about $300 billion lower than the estimates from Obama’s team – a welcome finding for the administration after the CBO last year found a substantially higher budget deficit than the White House envisioned.

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