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Images Of An Extremely Complex Digital Sculpture

Commissioned by a British paper manufacturer, this project produces amazing artistic prints.

These images appear to be complex, abstract oil paintings, or perhaps some expertly crafted photoshop images. They are, in fact, digital screenshots of an extremely large and complex computer generated sculpture. The best part? 10,000 of these images are for sale, each one guaranteed different from all others. They are the product of London-based design studio FIELD.

According to FastCoDesign: “The sculpture is so huge and complicated, in fact, that you can never see it in full; in Field’s telling, “its entirety remains hidden in a vast virtual space: its actual shape, touch and materiality is left to the viewer’s imagination.” That hasn’t stopped the artists from photographing the hell out of it from every vantage point imaginable. What you see here is a sliver of a sample. Field managed to generate a whopping 10,000 “digital paintings,” each totally unique.

The paintings were originally dreamed up for the print-test brochures of GF Smith, a British paper manufacturer, but Field’s Vera-Maria Glahn tells Co.Design they’ll be released as art prints “very soon.” Better jump on that before Wavy Gravy scoops up the whole lot.”

See more of these amazing digital prints on the FIELD Flickr Stream

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