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HS Teacher, Coaches Call Luck A Quiet Leader

INDIANAPOLIS — A star on the football field and the basketball court, as well as in the classroom, Andrew Luck’s former high school teachers and coaches say they have no doubt he’ll help lead the Colts to greatness.Watch: Andrew Luck’s Athletic Roots Run Deep | More: Luck Of The DraftLuck graduated from Stratford High School near Houston, Texas, in 2008, the same school where his father played quarterback years earlier.By the end of Luck’s senior season with the Stratford Spartans, the quarterback had thrown for more than 71 hundred yards and 53 touchdowns, leading his team to two deep playoff runs following a 13-year school playoff drought.”His ability to be a great leader, his ability to work hard, his ability to make everybody around him better and to be humble throughout the process, I think is something that I’ve not seen in any kids and adults, for that matter,” Eliot Allen, Luck’s high school football coach, told RTV6′s Chance Walser. “I think he’s way beyond his years in that regard.”Luck also made an impression on the hardwood. At close to 6-feet-5-inches tall, he was one of the school’s best basketball players.”He was one of our bigger posts. He could play inside or outside. He had the ball skills to do either one,” said Mitch Hornsby, Luck’s high school basketball coach. “He did all the dirty jobs. He got the rebounds. He guarded the best player.”Although a proficient high school big man, it was clear even to Luck that basketball was not his calling.”Football, I think, you prepare more for a physical toll on your body and an emotional toll, where as basketball it’s just running constantly,” he said in an interview during high school. “I’m not nearly good enough to play college basketball.”But high school wasn’t all about sports for Luck. He earned valedictorian honors and a scholarship to Stanford University his senior year.”He loves education. That’s what he came to do and, actually, he didn’t really want to talk about football and stuff. He wanted to talk about literature,” said Nate Nakadate, Luck’s high school English teacher. “In the world of athletes today, there is such a, ‘Me, me, me,’ self-inflated egos and what not, and he’s the antithesis of that. There’s no hubris. He’s just quiet, peaceful, do the work at hand.”Current Stratford High School students said Luck’s success has been an inspiration. “Andrew Luck, he was really good, you know, and he’s really nice too,” student David Spanger said.”He was a really big deal at Stratford, even before he became famous,” another student said. “He did a lot for our school.”Luck’s drive and history as a proven leader are attributes his former teachers and coaches believe will serve the Colts well.”It appears as though Indianapolis is going through a rebuilding time. They got a new coach, a lot of great players, including Peyton Manning, that are not going to be there, but I think he knows what it takes to go from the bottom to the top,” Allen said.”We had a philosophy in our basketball program that I hope kind of rubbed off on him — 100 percent, 100 percent of the time,” Hornsby said. “I guarantee that Andrew will give that 100 percent and do his best to make the Colts and his leadership as successful as possible.”The Colts confirmed this week that the team will use its No. 1 draft pick to select Luck during Thursday night’s draft.

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