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Herman Cain wrong on why black voters abandoned Republican Party

You sound like a white superior I had in the fire department who informed, in no uncertain terms, that “blacks” hadn’t contributed anything to this country before the emancipation proclamation. Do you even know that Truman, a Democrat, desegregated the armed services, in 1948? Do you think that action, which had nothing to do with a welfare state, endeared African-Americans to the Democratic party? Do you know that during WWII Eleanor Roosevelt got in an aircraft with a Tuskegee Airman to make the point that, if they were suitable to fly the First Lady, they were suitable for combat. This did not go unnoticed by African-Americans, who, yes, even then, read newspapers. We even published them. As for the “new slavery”, don’t you realize that most of the benefits paid out over the years to the poor have gone into the hands of Caucasians? Poverty is, unlike you, not a judge of skin color and strikes all. Most people on public assistance in this country are Caucasians. Most people on SSI are Caucasians. Most people receiving payments for disabilities are Caucasians. And, by extrapolation, most who cheat the system; remain indolent; generationally repeat as entitlement recipients, etc. are caucasian. Social welfare programs, which are mainly aimed at children, are necessary. They provide food for children and allow them to eat lunch at school. Poverty is a problem that affects people of every hue in this country. Herman Cain, like Obama, scolds African-Americans in order to assure people like you that, if elected, he won’t support that segment more than any other, even if the case can be made that African-Americans and people thrust into poverty in larger numbers than we’ve ever seen, need help.

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